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New Lasagna Recipe – the cheesiest! Follow us on Twitter & Like us on Facebook. We are a social world. See posts on Facebook, Twitter and our new blog. *Try our lasagna. It is homemade. It is my recipe. It has sold on the market in LaGrange, GA and will soon be available on the streets of Memphis, TN. However, [...]

Homemade Gourmet Lasagna.

Hungry for lasagna. Oooooh yeah baby. Try our gourmet, [ yes ] homemade lasagna. It has 5 cheeses, fresh spices… all ingredients are fresh and local to Memphis, TN. Visit our site: 5-Cheese-Lasagna Call us, and give us a try! Tel: 901.347.0327

Hungry for homemade gourmet Lasagna!

Whether you’re a businessman, normal guy/gal, or just someone looking for a good meal try our 5-Cheese-Lasagna. We guarantee you will love it! If you’re planning a company lunch, your next party, or just want something different for dinner, try this delicious gourmet lasagna. We’re starting single orders or up to 50 at a time. [...]