New Lasagna Recipe – the cheesiest!

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*Try our lasagna. It is homemade. It is my recipe. It has sold on the market in LaGrange, GA and will soon be available on the streets of Memphis, TN. However, you can call us for 2 orders or 50, [for example]. We are taking orders. Back to street idea. Every other corner in Memphis, TN has a BBQ truck of some kind. They are selling BBQ… and some of it is good. If you’ve lived in Memphis for more than 6-months you probably know the good BBQ restaurants. *We love Central & Commissary BBQ. I rank them top two (2). Which one is #1… you pick.

Again, try our 5-Cheese Lasagna. It has 5 cheeses and a killer sauce. —> Cheeses are as follows. [Cheddar, Parmesan, Cream, Ricotta, and Harvarti]. The sauce is wonderful, but it’s the spices I use to make the dish. I use same spices in the milk sauce, that’s used in the lasagna.

We look forward to knowing you.

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