About 5 Cheese Lasagna

Jade Cloward started cooking this amazing, gourmet LASAGNA in 1998.

He read and studied ‘how-to-make’ good lasagna in cookbooks. Then, he decided to give it a try. He had his friends over for dinner to let them try it. Everyone had two (2) servings. Then, he made the lasagna for his mother and father. It was a success. His parents tried it, as well as his sister. Many relatives and hundreds of friends have tried it. After all this success and “HOOPLA” he decided to sell it at a local pizzeria. The pizzeria was based in LaGrange, GA. It sold there with much success, for one (1) year!

Growing up his mother always cooked great recipes, that she learned from her mother. Her mom was a good cook. When his twin sister and he were 10 they learned to cook. He remembers standing by the stove, and learning from his mom how to cook. In high school he cooked breakfast and his sister usually shared cooking duty for dinner, with mom. His Dad usually cooked his famous pancakes for sunday breakfast. So you could say cooking is in his blood.

He’s always had an itch to cook something really good. He hopes this gourmet lasagna will be tried and shared with thousands.

Slow Cooking + Right Spices + TLC = Gourmet Cooking.