#1: Cheese & Egg mixture— Mix all five (5) cheeses {Parmesan, Cheddar, Ricotta, Harvarti, and Cream Cheese} together, three (3) eggs, and some spices. Mix completely, until smooth. You must do this slowly or cheese will be everywhere. Be patient you will be rewarded.

#2: Spices & Special Milk Sauce mixture— Mix all spices together, and simmer with ± 2 cups of milk.

#3: Layers
     •  Lasagna
     •  Ground Beef
     •  Tomatoes/ Tomatoe Sauce
     •  Cheese
Add milk sauce (add about 1″ of milk in the bottom of your glass dish to keep it moist). Make 2 layers, then top with a layer of lasagna. For the final touch add parmesan cheese and parsley to finish the layers.

*Note, when all layers are in the glass dish add 2 layers of aluminum foil to protect the lasagna and keep it moist, especially on the edges.

Slow Cooking + Right Spices + TLC = Gourmet Cooking.